PM Holiday Support

Hi all,

just a quick post to put you in the loop regarding our support scheduling plans for the Christmas, New Year holiday period.

We will be scaling back to recharge and spend some chillax time with friends and family over the break. Essentially we plan to wind down from Wed 21st of December.. and then expect to be back to full speed by Wed 4th of January.

We will of course still be monitoring the Help Desk closely to support you with any high priority issues that you come across during this period.. So stay in touch via the Help Desk with any questions or issues you have over the break but please be a little patient if your question is not hugely urgent.. =)

Also be sure to check on the holiday break dates for your direct fulfillment labs

Wishing you and your family a fantastic Christmas break and a prosperous start to 2012.

The PhotoMerchant Team.

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Steve is Fotomerchant's head customer support guy. We call him 'sherpa'.