Zoom In with Eden Photography



As a kid, Eden Connell loved taking photos, and his passion led him to study photography in Sydney. For a while he tried a career in IT, but after a sabbatical year of photo blogging his way around North America, South America, and India, Eden came back to Sydney with a renewed drive to follow his passion and start his photography business: Zoom in with Eden Photography.

He started out doing casual photography work and assisting other photographers ì anything to build his portfolio and client base ì until he established Zoom In Studios, doing weddings, portraits, commercial work, fashion, and product photography.

Photograph by Eden Connell Photography

Image: Eden Connell Photography

To help him build his brand online, Eden tried services like WordPress and liveBooks before choosing Fotomerchant for his web design, hosting and online commerce.

I tested a lot of other services, but on a cost versus time basis, Fotomerchant was perfect. My old site was Flash-based and uploading images was more difficult and time consuming. I spent a lot of time manually resizing photos. Fotomerchant is easy to use and saves me heaps of time.

Eden’s hard work, combined with Fotomerchant’s easy-to-use site building and sales tools, has resulted in a strong business with a growing customer base.

I really like that it’s been easy to set everything up, and the customer service is phenomenal. Most of all, Fotomerchant has improved my profitability and workflows. I can sell prints and digital files online, it saves me a lot of time because customers can order straight off my site, and uploading images is really easy.

Eden has come a long way from his first year running his business. He’s an emerging member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, he covered the fashion shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and he runs Zoom in Studio Sessions, a regular meet-up of photographers to network and talk about photography and the industry.

Eventually I want other people on board to share my brand. In a normal week I do anywhere between four and fifteen shoots, so I’m very busy. I love technology like Fotomerchant because it helps me work smarter and automate tasks so that I can focus on growing my business. Nothing is going to stop me. I’m going to keep growing and pushing my limits.”

See how Eden is using Fotomerchant manage all aspects of his website marketing and customer acquisition activities: