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Disqus is the web’s most popular discussion system and now it is available for blog comments on Fotomerchant powered Blogs.

Blog posts are a great way of engaging with your website audience and social media following. Whether you are sharing a story about your journey as a photographer, promoting a recent project or event, or providing insight into gear and techniques you have tried out, blog posts are a fantastic way to talk about it all.

To make blog posts even more awesome and engaging, we recently incorporated Disqus into the Fotomerchant platform, the web’s most popular discussion system.

What is Disqus?

Disqus is all about making it easy to have discussions on the web. With a suite of incredibly powerful tools, Disqus is a tailor-made solution that makes it super easy to start a discussion anywhere online.

Disqus gives you all the power you need to manage your online community and it just works. The benefits available through using Disqus include:

  • Realtime discussions & beautiful mobile commenting.
  • Instant activity notifications to keep people engaged.
  • Follow interesting people in the community.
  • Rich media support including images and video.
  • The Discovery box recommends more stories and discussions.
  • Email notifications and digests to pull readers back in.
  • Disqus Profiles let your readers explore and follow people in your community.
  • Analytics and insights for your community.
  • Powerful moderation dashboard.
  • Moderate inline, through email, or on the dashboard.
  • All the filters you’d expect: blacklists, spam controls, and word filters.

Disqus is also a community that allows you to promote and monetize your content through their Promoted Discovery network and drive traffic from the Disqus Network to your content with Disqus for Business.

What does this mean for my website?

Adding Disqus to your site turns blog comments into a community. Comments are no longer a costly burden, they’re an active asset to your Fotomerchant website. Disqus also keeps readers on your site longer, consuming more of your content, and brings them back more often.

If you want to try Disqus out, this blog post you are reading right now uses Disqus for comments as well. We love it and we think Fotomerchant photographers will too.

Try it out yourself and leave a comment below!

How do I get started?

Getting started with Disqus is super easy. Simply head over to your Social Integrations area of your Fotomerchant account and connect to Disqus.

Get talking today with Disqus Blog Comments!

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Gabriel is Head of Development at Fotomerchant and spends his days looking after the development team and working with Fotomerchant customers on how to improve the platform.